François Lapointe, PhD

François Lapointe, PhD

Dr François Lapointe is a materials scientist at the National Research Council (NRC), Canada's national research labs. He has authored high impact refereed publications and talks regularly at international conferences. Throughout his career, François worked with carbon nanotubes, graphene, polymer blends, as well as spider silk and batteries. His skill set encompasses physics, chemistry, spectroscopy, programming and interfacing, and data analysis.

François loves to run and bike as soon as Québec's weather allows it. During winter time, you will find him on the trails cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

François confers special importance to science and technology outreach to the youth. He is always happy at the opportunity to communicate his love of science to the young minds.

Research interests

In his current research, François develops better gas sensors using carbon nanotubes, with a focus on the optimization of the materials entering the devices stack.

His other research interests include materials for energy storage, light-matter and electron-phonon interactions, and electrochemical processes.